Ecology firm looks to evolution over next ten years

Cheadle based wildlife survey specialists; Evolution Ecology, are celebrating their tenth anniversary with a push to expand the business as demand for their services grows.

The company; owned by founder, Paul Keeling, works with a wide range of clients who include local authorities, builders, schools and farmers. They carry out surveys for protected wildlife species and habitats, in relation to planning applications, new builds, demolitions and environmental compliance.

Much of Evolution Ecology’s work is carried out under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 which covers the protection of wildlife, including birds, their nests and eggs; wild animals, mammals and wild plants.

Survey work could cover a broad spectrum of species including, birds, bats, badgers and great crested newts. Other work includes Japanese knot weed surveys and treatments and Code for Sustainable Homes Assessments.

After graduation from Wolverhampton University with a BA in Ecology in 2006, Paul went to work as an ecologist at Staffordshire Wildlife Trust. After three years he decided to take the plunge into self-employment, setting up his own practice in his hometown of Cheadle.

Paul said: “I’ve never really looked back since then. When I started, I worked very long hours, sometimes 70 per week. Luckily, we now have a team of four hard working and dedicated staff and I’m looking to growing the business and hopefully creating new jobs to cope with demand in 2020.

“Being a member of the Chamber fits in perfectly with our plans. I’m keen to expand my local business contacts through the Chamber’s networking and hopefully gain business through doing so. I’ve also been on a couple of their courses on marketing and social media to up my skill level and enable me to work smarter with available resources.”


Photo: Evolution Ecology director Paul Keeling with assistant ecologist, Tiffany Jenkinson.