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So, you are in business and you’ve got great products and services, fantastic customers and clients, a brilliant team and you do great things with charity, community and sponsorship – but you don’t have time to tell anyone.

That’s where we can help

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Get you in the news

We will write a short, concise and punchy press release that covers all the elements of the story; who, what, why, where and when. It will not be too long with a title that will engage the reader. You can see examples of my work below in the press release archive.
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Make your message clear

Giving away a little advice and sharing experience is a great way to draw in an audience who want to know more and are looking for a solution to which you have the answer. We can write blogs which are informative, clear and engaging. No jargon, no nonsense, we convey simple but pertinent messages leading to a call to action.

What’s on your channels?

You’ve got channels to broadcast your message online, but what’s the content like? If it’s boring, dated, confusing or sometimes non-existent, then you’ve lost your audience. We can write interesting and engaging content that will build loyalty and make people want to engage with you and your business.

Tell your story

We all have a tale to tell; It may be about starting your business against all odds, or how your business has adapted to market forces. What ever it is we can tease it out and present it to show you in the best light. We can write copy for print, media, web and social media posts.
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A picture is worth a thousand words

It’s a basic fact that the eye scans media for image. It draws in the reader and starts to tell the tale. Poor images will reflect badly on your business. We can supply photography or video to accompany your words. From social media shots to people and products, we’ll make sure your image does you and your business justice.

Simple planning

Fail to plan, plan to fail. You will be undertaking lots of marketing activity, but do you have a plan? A simple session can put all your marketing ducks in a row, resulting in a short concise marketing plan which prioritises actions and clearly sets out targets and timings.

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Rhyme Time

Try something a little different. We can compose a poem or limerick to get your message across in a fresh, witty and memorable fashion.

About Me

Extremely motivated marketing and PR professional with over 30 years’ experience in marketing and PR roles in the public and private sector.

I have run my own business as a freelance marketing and PR consultant since August 2012 and I have a mix of regular clients and consultancy work.

Specialties: Copywriting, content; PR; marketing strategy; digital marketing and photography.

I also edit the Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce magazine, Focus.

I have been a board member of the Staffordshire Moorlands Chamber of Commerce since its inception in early 2015.

I want to talk to any business about how they can improve their media presence and I am also, happy to talk to anyone thinking of taking the plunge into self-employment.

Spare time interests: Kitchen dabbling, photography, watching live music, Lego nut and travel

I'm based in Leek in the beautiful Staffordshire Moorlands and I'm fortunate to source a lot of my work locally. However, geography is no boundary and I'm happy to work with anyone from the rest of the UK and worldwide. Just drop me a line on the contact form below.

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I'm working with these great associates below to offer a complete communication solution for your business offering written word, photography, art, digital marketing, branding and web design.


Cathy Bower

Professional photographer who will capture the true spirit and personality of her subjects

Cathy's Website

Giles Metcalfe

Digital expert who knows all the tricks to boost your online presence

Giles's Website

The Capture Factory

A web design company in Leek, Staffordshire offering a full suite of digital marketing solutions

Their Website

Gavin Bowyer

A fine artist who can make your business stand out with personalised art or profile pictures. Check out my profile picture

Gavin's Website

Press release archive

PR and marketing agency, Mark Brammar Associates has been busier than ever during the lockdown, helping clients keep their digital content up to date and keep their communication channels open and relevant. Owne...

Cheadle based contract cleaning and janitorial supplies company, Moorland Contract Group, are urging businesses to prepare for the phased return to work following the Covid19 lockdown. To help, Moorland Contract...

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I suspect like most people I listened with a mix of dread, fear and a sense of the inevitability, to the PM’s statement on Monday. I’ve spent the intervening days worrying about catching the virus, plummetin...

Sometimes when you work for yourself you can feel that you are trying to dress up your offer to potential clients to make it sound, fresh and of intrinsic value to their business. Your offer will evolve but esse...

I’ve been asked to give a short lunchtime talk to a group of self-employed workers who are hot-desking at a brand new co-working space in Stoke-on-Trent; The Wheelhouse. I’m always up for the chance to speak...

The latest copy of the Staffordshire Chamber magazine, Focus is online. This is a special sustainability themed issue with articles and insight into what business is doing to tackle climate change issues. It...

I’ve recently fallen into the trap of assuming everyone knows what I do. My PR work is probably the most visible example of my work, I’ve posted some recent articles and photos here. However, when talking to lon...


I have worked with Mark for the last nine years and he has always been highly professional, efficient and brings to his writing a sense of fun, engagement and real understanding of the subjects.  He always does his research incredibly fully and is never afraid to advise that we might have got the wrong approach to a topic and to come up with creative ideas to help us reach our objectives.  I have no hesitation in endorsing him.

Sara Williams

CEO, Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce

Mark has been writing press releases to tell our business story for a year now. We’ve had a hectic twelve months as we have moved headquarters and launched two new businesses within our group.

Having a series of press releases has helped keep businesses aware of our developments and we gained a sizeable client from the first one.

Mark manages to get our message across in a succinct, readable style and I would highly recommend him to other businesses.

Suzanne Davy

Director, Moorland Contract Group

"Working with Mark over the last 18 months has drastically improved our marketing and PR. Mark has delivered on a number of projects for us, particularly our 'Young Engineer of the Year'competition, and he has launched our excellent newsletter, 'Metal Press'. Mark's success has led us to employ our own marketing graduate to carry on his work and his handover has been invaluable. I would thoroughly recommend Mark for a long-term engagement or project work."

Gareth Higgins
MD, KMF Group