When hair is an optional accessory

An experienced accessory designer based in Burntwood, is using her creative talents to help women who have experienced hair loss, regain their confidence.

Deborah Butcher, owner of Ranfire Design has turned the focus of her accessories business towards inspirational designer headwear.

After witnessing the dramatic emotional impact losing your hair can have with her own family members, she decided to use her design skills to help women in this situation.

Deborah said: “Many women will experience hair loss. Perhaps through chemotherapy or alopecia. I completely understand how devasting it can feel to watch your hair coming out in clumps in the shower. It can feel like your femininity has been washed away along with your confidence.”

Talking with chemotherapy patients, Deborah realised that a very real anxiety was appearing in public and being stared at, especially when feeling vulnerable through illness and treatment. So she got to work on a range of hair and head wrap designs that would strike a balance between looking suitably dressed up whilst not standing out from the crowd. The range includes wraps, turbans, headbands, and caps.

Deborah added: “The key to my headwear is versatility and flexibility, which offers quick and easy creative style options. I wanted the designs to be positive and uplifting whether they are worn for a quick trip to the shops or a big occasion such as a wedding, I can provide a choice for any occasion.

“It is such a humbling experience for me to be able to help women regain their confidence following illness. I have received very positive feedback from women who have worn my designs and say that it has given them their femininity back and lifted them from the gloom of their condition.

“I like to use the phrase ‘no hair required’ because my creations are designed to look just as fabulous on women with or without hair. The trick is that an onlooker wouldn’t know either way.”

Photograph: Ranfire Design black snugsoft cap, dressed in black friesian hair & head wrap

Image copyright to Ranfire Design