Sentinel #IAmOpen article

PR and marketing agency, Mark Brammar Associates has been busier than ever during the lockdown, helping clients keep their digital content up to date and keep their communication channels open and relevant.

Owner Mark Brammar said: “I think there was about a day of uncertainty and mild panic back in March as offices, shops and venues closed and people retreated back home to work. After that it was a case of sitting down and adapting to supporting clients as the news was updated on an hourly basis.

“I have got a dedicated office at home in addition to space I rent at the Foxlowe Arts Centre in Leek, so I was fortunate to be able to slip straight into home working mode.

“One of my clients is Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce. They put their entire operation online within 24 hours so the amount of additional written copy to support this meant I was busy from the off with press releases, website and social media and daily communications.

“Other clients did similar and thankfully they were working which meant I was also working on their behalf to communicate to their customers.

“I work closely with other consultants to provide a complete online digital marketing and PR service and so Zoom and Teams have kept us all in touch and able to work pretty much as normal. I have also been part of a team delivering webinars, via the Chambers to businesses in the visitor economy, as they prepare to reopen in July.

“The community spirit and business networking has been key to getting through the lockdown. It’s been amazing to see how well busiesses work together and support each other in adverse conditions.”