Businessman Joe is indebted to Chambers for start-up help

With over 17 years’ experience in commercial debt collection, Tamworth based Joe Postings (pictured) decided to take the plunge into self-employment a year ago.

Postings had worked in a very wide variety of industries, from financial services, to construction, hospitality, healthcare, property, legal services and now trading as JSP Credit Management he has engaged with companies in hire and sale, manufacturing, veterinary, utilities and automotive sectors.  Working with sole traders right up to companies that are generating annual revenues more than £1billion.

He set up JSP Credit Management in April 2021, over a year into the pandemic.  He had been negatively impacted by the restrictions and not being able to visit his young son living in Slovakia. It was at this time that he noticed news of so many companies going into liquidation and administration.

Postings said: “This made my think that it was a good time to go it alone with my own business. I had tried to set up a similar business in 2014 but things didn’t work out. Then I thought I could do everything myself and didn’t bank on just how crucial start-up support and networking are to any new business.

“This time around I have done things totally differently and made use of all the help and expert guidance available.

“I initially approached the Growth Hub asking for some information on start-up funding.  A lady called Aly Davidson left a voicemail for me and I called her back and we had a conversation about my idea.  I remember how positive and encouraging she was from the start. I had a discussion with Aly about funding options and I was asked to prepare a business plan and a 12-month cash-flow forecast.  With Aly’s guidance and comments, I made the necessary adjustments, and I was ready to submit my application for a start-up loan, which was ultimately successful and a great boost to my new business.

“Another critical aspect to the relationship with Aly and the Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce is the emphasis placed on networking.  I now really enjoy and see the value of networking which is to build mutually valuable relationships with people who have similar interests to me.  I have found that helping others this time around has given me even more joy than the benefits I have got back from others.”

Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce start-up advisor Aly Davidson said: “Joe has put his heart and soul into his business, and it really has been a pleasure helping him to get off the ground and then seeing the business grow.

“I always say you get out what you put in and Joe really has gone the extra mile to make JSP Credit Management a success.”

And that hard work is really paying off as Joe has already achieved many milestones including becoming an approved supplier of debt collection services on the Debt Collection Hub, won a scholarship to take part in the Start-up Sprint Programme run by the Birmingham Enterprise Community, gained a place on the Virgin Money Levelling Upstarts Programme,

obtained approval for Kickstarter Scheme funding and employed a marketing assistant and he

became a full professional member of the Chartered Institute of Credit Management in March 2022.

Postings added: “It has been a year full of highlights and although fraught with challenges, this is no less than expected as a new business.

“My membership with the Chambers is up for renewal in a few months and I sincerely intend to renew. The value it has added to the business is almost immeasurable.  I have a growing group of other entrepreneurs that I have met through chamber events whom I clearly see as long-term associates and it is a pleasure to watch our respective journeys unfold.  I hope I continue the same trajectory over the next 12 months, and if I retain the support of those who have helped me to get to where I am today, then there is no reason to believe that cannot happen. “

If you are thinking of starting a business and would like to discuss your plans, contact or call 01782 202222.